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Wish list: Ariel Atom.

27 March 2006

I'm not saying it's practical, I'm just saying that, if you're looking for something to get me, this would make a nice birthday present.

Ariel Atom

And it's only £35,000. A bargain, really.

(Thanks to Seth Godin for the tip.)


Wish List: Lancia Fulvia.

19 March 2006

If I had a red Fulvia, I could park it next to my hypothetical blue E-type.

(Thanks to Diego Rodriguez.)

Wish List: Bespoke suits.

3 March 2006

Since I live in Austin and don’t practice law, I would look strange wearing a suit on most of my weekly rounds. But I do dream of a day when I can afford–and occasionally need–bespoke English suits.

Cary Grant favored suits from Kilgour, French & Stanbury. That’s a big vote in my book.

Or perhaps someday I will engage the skills of Thomas Mahon; he seems eminently qualified.

Wish List: E-type

3 February 2006

I’d love to drive a Jaguar E-type. I’m not picky about the model, though I wouldn’t try to dissuade you from getting me a 1965 4.2 litre Open Two Seater.

My wife says she would prefer a 4-door . . . in which case I wouldn’t say no to a 1959 Jaguar MkII 3.8 MOD Saloon. Or the 1963 3.4 litre, whichever. Red is a good color for these.

Wish List: Xtracycle.

24 December 2005

For quite a while I commuted by bicycle most days, home to work to school and back. I got leaner and fitter, had more energy, and enjoyed not driving a car in Austin’s aggravating traffic. For now, daily kid-taxi duty prevents me from resuming this, but in the future, I’d love to get something practical like an Xtracycle to combine chores (including limited kid-taxi duty) and the enjoyment of cycling.