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Memory Lane: Middlebury

7 February 2006

I spent a summer in the 1990s at the Middlebury German School. To my mind, Middlebury has the quintessential appearance of a New England town, and Middlebury College has the quintessential appearance of a New England liberals arts school. I learned loads of German there and had a wonderful time: it planted the dream in my mind of someday living — or at least summering — in rural New England.

The college has an outstanding art museum.

I can’t find good photos of the campus on the school’s site, but this campus map (PDF!) suggests the flavor of it in watercolors.

More information about the town and surroundings.


Memory Lane: Crabtree Meadows

1 February 2006

The Internet might have been made to revisit places from your childhood. When I was a boy, my family would travel from our home in Alabama to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Many of the years we went up, we stayed at the Crabtree Meadows campground. All of this came rushing back to me last weekend when my parents visited; we talked about those old family vacations–20 years ago, now–that were so much fun for us.

An overview of hiking in the area.
GORP’s guide for hiking to Crabtree Falls.
A photo of the falls.

The nostalgia overwhelms me! Maybe one of these days I’ll take my own kids to the same campground . . .