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A new long-term blog home.

22 April 2006

Dear readers — I have moved my blog to my new Web site, which is intended to be permanent. Please be so kind as to follow this link

to find it. The new setup should make my life easier, and allow me to do more interesting things with other parts of the site, including the woefully underdone front page.


Welcome to my new blog home.

11 March 2006

Gentle readers:  After a couple of happy months at Blogger, I decided to make the switch to WordPress, which allows for a number of things I’ve been wanting, including easy searching of old posts (note the search box high in the sidebar) and categorization of posts.  I may yet make some changes to the template of the blog, so if you have any suggestions in that vein, please let me know.  Meanwhile, please update your bookmarks or RSS feeds, since I will be making new posts here rather than on my Blogger blog.

Housekeeping: Please help me take over the world.

19 February 2006

You may notice, gentle readers, that I have finally installed a hits counter in the sidebar to the right. I neglected to do this in my first few weeks of blogging, figuring it would be technically involved. In the event, it took one visit to StatCounter and a mere ten minutes of my time–and I work slowly with HTML.

So, as I write this, I can see seven–count ’em, seven–unique visitors have graced TWOB with their presence in the past 26 hours or so. Talkin’ ’bout some site traffic, is all I’m sayin’.

When I installed the counter, I had a choice of how many digits to include. The default is eight, so I stuck with that. This means I’m all set until I hit my hundred-millionth site visitor.

Well, I don’t expect you to go round up a hundred million, or even one million, unique visitors for me. But I can see from my StatCounter chart thingy that I’ve had 38 page views (including one since I started this post!) since yesterday. A quick visit to Instapundit reveals that it has received, oh 153-million-odd page views. (It got an extra 450 in the time it took me to type this paragraph.) Anything you can do to help me along in that direction would be appreciated.

What’s useful or interesting to you about this blog? Would you be willing to tell two friends about it? If so, please do! If not, please tell me why!

Thank you, friends known and unknown. Enjoy your reading.

Housekeeping: Comments turned on.

31 January 2006

After a bit of wrangling, gentle readers, I have convinced Blogger to turn on the comments function throughout this blog. Please do use it — I welcome your feedback.

Also, if anyone knows a simple way to install a page-hits counter here, your technology-challenged correspondent would appreciate the help.

Raison d’etre

17 December 2005

I opened this Blogger account in June of 2005 — six months ago as I write this. I think I was going to use it as an online repository of my to-do list, which is waaaay to big for my own good. Whatever my reasoning was then, it didn’t stick.

Just now, I read for the first time Cory Doctorow’s article, “My Blog, My Outboard Brain”. Typically for him, Doctorow hit the nail on the head: he’s an infovore (ditto here), if he bookmarks things he never goes back to consult them like he meant to (ditto), but through the use of blog technology he can let the computer do what it does best by searching things out for him. Well, here I am, finally making something of this Blogger account.

Here’s my little breakthrough, as I understand it now: In the past I had read too many blogs (and too many articles about the blogosphere) that brought to light what bloggers were trying to achieve in terms making money, or bringing about political change, or whatever it is they’re after. None of these seemed that great to me, for reasons I won’t go into now. But Doctorow’s article suggested what blogging could do for me — which I guess gets me back to my original (apparently uninspiring) idea of using it for a to-do list.

So . . . thanks, Cory. I hope I can return the favor of a good idea some day.