Too much information.

30 March 2006

Given the demands of mid-semester, I have cut down on my usual blog reading (and writing, for that matter). But tonight, I'm in just the mood to catch up a bit. To my chagrin I see that I have . . . nineteen Firefox tabs open besides the one in which I'm composing this. That's how I read blogs: I open up my RSS reader, go through the RSS summary pages, and open anything I want to read in a new tab. Then I can go through the tabs, reading each one as little or as much as I want, then ctrl-W'ing it into oblivion and picking up with the next one. A fair enough system, and I do tend to wrap things up quickly when it's time for bed, work, or something else pressing.

Anyway, in my grazing I came across this post at 43 Folders . . . which led to this piece from Newsweek . . . which reminded me of this post I wrote three weeks ago . . . about this feature in FORTUNE.

I mean, it's crazy. Especially since the common thread through these is the idea that to do something big you have to close out the overflow of information. Hang on a sec . . .  Okay, that was about eight or ten minutes, and now I'm down to just this one screen.  I bookmarked a couple of things that I might want to look at again.  I read the two things that looked really good.  The rest is gone, and I'll find it again when I want it — or not.

Now I'm going to go read a book


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