Presentations: It’s a visual medium.

16 March 2006

I’ve said it before, but not as well as Garr Reynolds says it here:

Clear visuals with as little text as possible

In many cases, […] a person’s visual processing channel will become overloaded if text is added to the on-screen image/animation resulting in less understanding. This contradicts conventional wisdom (and practice) that “more is better” — many times it is not. […]

I have said it repeatedly, as have many others before me: slides (if you use them at all) should be as visual as possible. The words come out of your mouth. An important on-screen word or two, or short declarative sentence placed near the image is sometimes helpful. But bulleted lists are almost never preferable […]

If you ever make presentations, or if you care about communication generally, keep up with Reynolds’s “Presentation Zen” blog.

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