Teaching is about students, not the subject taught.

12 March 2006

The most important part of anything is its human element. Teaching is no exception. Without taking anything away from the importance of whatever subject is at hand, good teaching will always be more about the students trying to grasp the subject. Indeed, the best teachers always remember that the topical material has meaning only when students grasp it.

Here is a wonderful Lego- and Harry Potter-based piece from John Salt that reminds us of this.

(Thanks to Kathy Sierra for the link.)

One Response to “Teaching is about students, not the subject taught.”

  1. John Salt Says:

    Well said! Better said than I put it (darn it!) in the follow-up post that I’ve just published.

    Ah well. Just to let you know that I have indeed published the first follow-up to the story and I’d be honoured if you took a look TW. Many thanks.

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