Heist Pictures: From my lips to the Guardian’s ear.

26 February 2006

What was I just saying about heist pictures? This morning I find this tidbit on the Guardian Unlimited blog:

Everyone loves a good heist

[…] There has always been an ambivalent attitude towards particularly daring robberies, whether carried out by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid or our own Great Train Robbers, or created on film in Oceans Eleven. While people hate muggers who pull knives on their victims and thieves who break into the homes of the elderly, carrying out a spectacular multi-million pound robbery will win the grudging admiration of the nation. The muscle or menace involved in pulling off the job will be cheerfully overlooked.

Why is this?

However hard banks and businesses try to persuade us that such robberies are not victimless crimes, there is a feeling that if the money is taken from the big boys – banks, security companies, Mayfair jewellers – then no one has been too badly damaged by it. […]

Well said. In talking about the forthcoming “Inside Man,” Spike Lee stressed that it was a thinking person’s thriller, with no shooting. However, the trailer makes it look far more menacing than “Oceans Eleven” or “The Great Train Robbery.”


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