Heist Pictures: Inside Man.

24 February 2006

Folks, I need some help. Prompted by the imminent arrival of the Spike Lee / Denzel Washington / Clive Owen / Jodie Foster project “Inside Man,” I’m working on an essay about heist pictures generally.

How you can help? Please answer these questions for me:
–Just because I use the term doesn’t mean it’s ubiquitous, so . . . When I say “heist picture,” do you know what I mean right away, or do you need some definition?
–What’s your favorite heist picture? Why?
–Why do you like heist pictures? Or, if you don’t, why not?

As for “Inside Man”: I saw the trailer when I went to see Jackson’s “King Kong.” It caught my attention instantly with the closeup headshot of Owen talking. It looks well-plotted and tense. It debuts in the middle of March.

The official “Inside Man” site, with links to the trailer and to podcasts from Spike Lee.
“Inside Man” IMDB entry.

Thank you for your help.


One Response to “Heist Pictures: Inside Man.”

  1. Chris Huston Says:

    Shame do I thus bring upon the House of Huston by admitting I do not know what you mean right away by the term “heist picture”. The only vague connection I can seem to muster is that it might be a Czech production or distribution house, but then I would guess you would have capitalized it were that true.

    I agree that “Inside Man” looks quite promising, which is saying a lot these days, particularly for a genre and plot trappings that seem so exhausted for Washington in the last few years.

    Cheers, mate.

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